DIALS – BioStruct-X Synchrotron and XFEL data integration project

The BioStruct-X project is a EU FP7 funded program to provide transnational access for European researchers to large scale structural biology facilities for macromolecular crystallography, small angle scattering, X-ray imaging, protein production and crystallisation. Within this grant we are developing next generation data analysis software for macromolecular crystallography that aims to unify the analysis of synchrotron and XFEL MX analysis and offer the worldwide community of software and methods developers a common framework within which they can further develop data integration algorithms in order to keep pace with the developments of techniques and instrumentation in our field.

Our new data analysis software DIALS is being developed in collaboration with CFEL and XFEL in Hamburg, CCP4, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, Dectris, PSI, EMBL in Grenoble and many other synchrotron facilities across Europe. We also work closely with the group of Nick Sauter at the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, USA who form the DIALS-West part of the collaboration.