CHOOCH is a program that will automatically determine values of the anomalous scattering factors, f^{\prime} and f^{\prime\prime}, directly from experimentally measured X-ray fluorescence data. It outputs the f^{\prime} and f^{\prime\prime} spectrum and the appropriate X-ray wavelengths to be used for MAD or SAD experiments.
The current version 5.0.7 contains the following features.
  1. Written in C using a minimal set of support libraries
  2. Command line driven with all options controlled by switches
  3. Optional PGPLOT visual output (PGPLOT not required for compilation/installation)
  4. Publication quality PS and PNG output generated on request
  5. Data fitting and feature extraction based on known/measured beamline energy resolution
  6. Available with the latest CCP4 distribution
Installing CGraph
Correcting source errors
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