You can find my CV on LinkedIn.

Emplyment history

Degrees: 1989 BSc Physics, University of Warwick
1994 PhD Physics, University of Warwick and EMBL Hamburg, Germany.
Posts held: 1996 – 1998 Post-doctoral Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
1998 – 2001 Post-Doctoral Research Associate, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge
2001 – 2004 Software Scientist, Global Phasing Ltd
Jan – Aug 2004 Beamline Scientist, Diamond Light Source
2008 – 2012 Coordinator for the Diamond Macromolecular Crystallography Village
Aug 2004 – Principal Beamline Scientist, Diamond Light Source
April 2014 – Research Fellow, Diamond Light Source

Current external positions

  • Member of Paul Scherrer Institute – Photon Science Advisory Committee (P-SAC)
  • Member of DESY Photon Science Committee
  • Member of EMBL Hamburg Project Evaluation Committee
  • Member of Soleil Controls, Electronics and Computing Advisory Committee
  • Member of NSLS-II ABBIX Project Review Committee
  • Member of CCP4 Executive Committee
  • Member of management committee of Membrane Protein Laboratory at Diamond


Principal research interest is the development of leading-edge facilities for the measurement and analysis of diffraction data from macromolecular crystals. After bringing the I24 microfocus beamline at Diamond from conception through to operation I am now leading the construction the micro/nanofocusing beamline VMXm at Diamond. I lead a software team developing automated data analysis pipelines for the MX beamlines and head up the DIALS (Diffraction Integration for Advanced Light Sources) collaboration to develop advanced software for MX data analysis ( My group has developed methods for multi-crystal data cluster analysis, the determination of protein crystal absorption corrections and in situ MX data collection at very high frame-rates.

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